Wedding Shoes by Bridget Baxter Photography

Beautiful wedding shoes are a must and I make sure they are photographed on your wedding day.  I think there are a few points that are worth considering about your wedding shoes such as they should blend with your personality and not always the dress.  Choose shoes that you love and represent you and your lifestyle.  Why wear heels if you have never worn them before, personalised pumps, trainers and cute sandles look and feel great because they are flat and comfortable.

If you love heels and can wear them confidently then go for it and enjoy the extra height.  The shops are full of beautiful wedding and evening shoes so the choice is endless.  If designer shoes are your thing then what better excuse than your wedding to splash out on expensive shoes.  Try not to be too precious about the shoes and have spares, for outside photography and dancing when your feet need a change of height.

Don’t let your wedding shoes spoil your day giving you sore feet and blisters so get your bridesmaids to have plasters at hand and wear the shoes in around your house, this advice is for the groom as well.  I have seen many grooms changing into trainers in the evening or saying their shoes pinch.

Hope this helps and buy beautiful shoes that are part of you because you will keep them forever.

Bridget Baxter Photography x

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