Wedding of Kieran and Louise in Gloucestershire.

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It was my honour to photograph the romantic wedding of Louise and Kieran in Cheltenham.  The ceremony and reception were held at Manor By The Lake in Gloucestershire, which is a stunning 150 year old manor house with ornate wood carving and Elizabethan style decor, with added personal touches of photographs of Kieran and Louise.  The date was special as the bride and groom’s favourite film is Leap year. Louise and Kieran were made for each other and their love was evident to all in the February sunshine.  Thank you for letting me be part of your special day and mentioning me in your speech.

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  1. This was such a special day, our wedding, the memories of which were captured by Bridget. She captured the feelings we have for each other and those feelings are clearly evident in the shots. Quite by accident Bridget captured our engagement too when we first met her. Her style and skill are evident what you cannot see is the unobtrusive way she plied her craft not interfering with proceedings or the fun yet being an integral part of our day.
    Whe want to thank Bridget and her team for all they have done for us.
    Kieran & Louise Gloucester

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